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Baseus GAMO Immersive Virtual 3D Game Headphone D05

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Product Description

The ultimate gamer's tool! These headphones feature 3D surround sound, that allow you to hear even the slightest movement and the direction the sound is coming from. This is a great advantage in during game play! The special sound algorithm has been developed in collaboration with Bongiovi Acoustic Labs and is very sensitive and precise. There so precise you’ll even get a sense of how far away the sound is, giving you that real world feeling. With Baseus Gamo 3D you'll always know, where your enemy is hiding. Around the ear cushions help better isolate the sound and don't hurt your ears. Rotating microphone ensures your voice is clear. These headphones have 2 modes: game and music. Easily switch between the two for the optimal sound.
MSRP $89.99 
Color: Black