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TRACKR™ Electronic Ear Muffs give you the most compact design for comfort and size for all your environments where you need to hear and protect your hearing at the same time. Clear, smooth sound enhancement let’s you hear what you want while protecting your hearing from damaging loud sounds.


  • 25 dB Noise Reduction Rating [NRR]


Hearing Enhancement & Hearing Protection At the Same Time™
Turn your hearing up or down to your exact desired level, then enjoy clear hearing for any environment you want. Then notice while you are hearing everything you want, the AXIL technology will automatically shut out damaging loud sounds to give you the hearing protection you need- all at the same time, without interrupting your clear hearing.
  • Smooth, clear hearing enhancement sound quality
  • 40 dB Gain/Amplification
  • Autoblocker Technology shuts off all sounds over 85 dB
  • 25 dB NRR- Hearing Protection
  • Reduces Wind Noise
  • Sweat & Water Resistant
  • Sound Activated Compression – 0.02 second reaction time


  • Compact Design gives you the best comfort in a small sized ear muff
  • Comfortable headband w/metal wire frame
  • Dual purpose technology lets you enhance and protect your hearing at the same time
  • Single Volume Control
  • Audio Input Jack
  • External Battery Door
  • 2 ‘AAA’ Batteries Included